We would love to introduce you to our team of specialists

Curious who you just ended your call with, how our mailings are put together or who made the functionality you like so much? Then please scroll down and meet our team:

Martijn van Andel

Account manager

Jeroen Nibbering

Project - & release coördinator

Berry van Zijp

Project coördinator

Robin van den Broek

Developer & proces architect

Casper Opstal

Projectmanager & implementatie guru

Fernon van Paassen

Product specialist

Dave Willems


Karsten de Gier


Michelle Vijverberg

Product specialist

Rob Post


René Koene

Implementation specialist

Ellen Samwel

Online marketeer

Jill van der Knaap

Online marketeer

Jimmy Esser

Innovation specialist

Remco Koornhof

Sales representative

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