A quick and easy way to take control over your commercial cultivation activities

The communication platform for growers, where you can process orders and stockage in a fast way, plan transport and manage cultivation data, where and whenever you want!

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Everything about GreenXchange

Why GreenXchange?

GreenXchange was founded from a grower's perspective, after all, it is very important to have control over your cultivation activities. GreenXchange contributes to the success of users by automating daily business processes and improving communication with their customers. 

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  • Process, Share & Create Insight

    Process orders, build stockage and share real-time information. Moreover, you’ll have full insight in forecasts for yourself and your network.

  • Transportation & Pallet stickers

    Easily organize transportation of all your fresh produce and quickly print pallet stickers which enhances your pallet traceability.

  • Register

    Register your crop protection and fertilizers usage and share it with whoever you want. Read more about crop protection.

Others about GreenXchange

AGF Direct

Dennis van Tricht

4 years ago we specifically chose GreenXchange since the connection to the grower runs very fast and smooth. We have a lot more insight and less manual work, because all communication goes via GreenXchange. 

Growers United

Patricia Gardien

Since many years we are working with GreenXchange as online communication platform for our growers. We can easily inform our growers about orders and have better insight in future production because of the clear forecasts.

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