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Meanwhile, many growers and growers associations use GreenXchange on a daily basis. Curious to how they experience GreenXchange? Read below what they think of GreenXchange:

Gilad Produce

Jan Mosterd

We used to receive Excel sheets late in the day from our growers that were not up-to-date. With GreenXchange we have better insight and are directly up-to-date of numbers. Moreover, it offers us a trading advantage as we can work faster and more efficiently.

AGF Direct

Dennis van Tricht

4 years ago we specifically chose GreenXchange since the connection to the grower runs very fast and smooth. We have a lot more insight and less manual work, because all communication goes via GreenXchange. 

Growers United

Patricia Gardien

Since many years we are working with GreenXchange as online communication platform for our growers. We can easily inform our growers about orders and have better insight in future production because of the clear forecasts.

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