Crop protection

Registering the use of crop protection is easy and fast to arrange in GreenXchange. You can quickly have your own administration in order and you will be able to fully answer questions from crop advisors, inspectors and buyers.

Multiple pesticides

If you have to use multiple crop protection pesticides at the same time for one or more treatment reasons, you can process that in one registration. You can indicate what it is used for per crop protection pesticide. Issues such as drains can also directly be registered.

Insight and notifications

While making a crop protection registration, you have direct insight into crop protection pesticides that are still active. You can also request overviews that give you direct insight into all your registrations, for yourself and for organizations that request it.

Department- and path registration

The crop protection registration can be recorded at department- and path level. By indicating in which paths you are going to work, it is automatically known which crop you are treating.

Do you want to register a pesticide for an entire location or department? By selecting the "department", all paths of the department are automatically included in the registration.

Did you know:
That the crop protection can easily be registered via your smartphone?

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