Create insight through forecasts

Within GreenXchange you can make clear forecasts for yourself and your network. Get immediate insight into future production, product kilos and the settlement.

Article production

With the Article production forecast, you can indicate your expected production per day, per article in colli. The sales department sees this as the expected number on which they can schedule (future-) sales orders.

Does your GreenXchange have a link with GreenCommerce? Then these forecasts can also be found in there.

Product kilos

With the Product forecast, it is possible to forecast harvesting for a crop. You can create a standard sorting ratio for each period, and you can easily enter a forecast with a total expected number of kilos / items (per m2). This is easy to adjust per date and sorting.


A settlement can be kept for each crop. A suggestion for the harvest forecast can be made via an expected growth period and an average fruit weight. This data can be entered easily and quickly for a longer settlement period.

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