14 Oct 2019

New website is live

Did you notice it already? We have been busy building a new website for GreenXchange! We think it’s important for all our users to always be able to find the right information and for that reason we redesigned our website and added some new pages, videos, interviews and more.

With the new design, GreenXchange communicates modernity and professionalism. Because GreenXchange is used by both growers and growers associations, we therefore target the website at both target groups. The website now becomes a source of information for all existing and future users, from grower to cooperative.

To ensure that all users stay up to date with news and developments in GreenXchange, we have created a news overview. Keep an eye on this page regularly so you don’t miss anything. Would you like to be the first to be informed of updates? Then please subscribe to the newsletter.

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