15 Oct 2019

Directly up-to-date of important events via push notifications

Are you often at the very end of a path when a change to an order is being done? Or is your production already in full swing when you see a missed call about an increase in the current order? Annoying ... you overlooked the change because you missed the email or call from the trader. After all, you are not on the computer all day to keep an eye on changes. Not very convenient...

In order to gain more control and overview of various events in GreenXchange, which were normally all communicated by telephone or by e-mail, we have developed push notifications (for Android users) that the user can set for specific events. As a result, you (the grower) immediately receive a notification on your screen, without having to call back and forth between you and the GreenCommerce user (trader). This includes orders that are placed during the day or a change to an existing order. This way, trader and grower can continue their work, knowing that the right information always ends up with the right person, at the right time.

Important information:

  • The push notifications are made available for every GreenXchange user
  • The push notifications can only be delivered to an Android device, we do not (yet) support iOS devices.
  • As administrator, you can switch on and off the notification service per grower
  • It is possible to manage preferences of the notifications (for what event would I like to receive a push notification, when would I not like to receive one)

An update for all GreenXchange users is planned in week 44. The receival of push-notifications is possible after this update is done. 

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